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10 Simple & Easy Money Hacks for Kids


We’ve focused on giving adults ideas on how to make money for some time now. That’s why this post will give some attention to the young ones and the young at heart.

Times have changed and instead of kicking back on a sofa playing video games or watching the TV, you can easily find a way to make some fast cash without bothering your old folks.

The internet, phones, and whatever gadget can be an ultimate game changer for you. If you’re a parent or guardian, encourage your child to spend more time investing in their future and less time depending on you.

Think about it. They’ll learn the beauty of responsibility and accountability by starting to earn their own money from a young age.

Besides, not having to worry about providing their allowance money enables you to put that money into better use elsewhere.

If you’re a kid, don’t worry about failing to find something that tickles your fancy. You should mainly use your skills as a guide when searching for one.

Money-making opportunities come in so many ways that you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Sounds like a deal? It sure does and you’re perhaps interested in giving it a shot. Here are some simple money hacks to try out depending on your age:

1. Start a Pet-Sitting Business

Summer is a time that most families prefer to travel. They’ll need someone to watch over their pets while they’re gone and that’s a money-making chance staring you right in the face.

There are some things you should consider before starting a pet-sitting business like:

  • Do you or anyone in your family have pet allergies?
  • How many hours in a day are you free? If you’re caught up with school during the week, there’s no harm in dedicating weekends to the venture.
  • Do you have some experience with pets or love them at least? Some pets like dogs can sense fear and insincerity. They respond to you depending on how you treat them.

If you feel that you’re up for it, here are some tips that you can put into use as you start your pet-sitting business:

Start Small

You’ve just started the business. You’re anxious you are to make some money and that’s good, but you shouldn’t be quick to offer your services to more than one family. Start with a pet from one home and slowly expand as you get better at it if you wish.

Meet With the Pet’s Family

Learn what the family expects from you. If they don’t offer checklists, take notes as they explain to you their expectations. Ask for any essential contact numbers from them, including a veterinarian’s contacts and theirs.

Advertise Your Services

You already know your neighbors, and they know you, so this won’t be hard. You could create flyers and distribute them, rely on word of mouth or make pocket-friendly business cards on Word.

2. Offer House Cleaning Services

Do you have some experience in cleaning homes? Well, if you can handle a vacuum cleaner and wipe a surface to perfection, that counts.

The only thing you should know is different people have different cleaning preferences. Before offering to clean your neighbor’s home, it helps to ask them what cleaning technique they prefer. Also, take your time to learn about various cleaning tools and their uses.

If you feel that there are some areas you should polish up on, or if you want to do some practice, you can always start from your home. Ask your parents if you can help out with house chores at a fee.

House cleaning may seem difficult, or complicated, but there are a couple of pointers that you can use to make it easier and enjoyable.

When cleaning, always:

  • Start at the highest point in every room. If you’re dusting first, start from the highest shelf to avoid dirtying a surface that you’ve already dusted.
  • Use one dry and one wet microfiber cloth when cleaning windows and mirrors. This way, you won’t leave any streaks on them.
  • Wipe areas that fingers touch, like phones, door handles, and TV remotes. If possible, disinfect them.
  • Sweep floors before moping or scrubbing them. Scrub bathroom floors on your hands and knees so you can reach areas such as behind the toilet that is ordinarily hard to reach.
  • Turn a vacuum cleaner off and unplug it from the wall outlet when you’re not using it. Also, don’t vacuum a wet surface.

Avoid cleaning room by room because this will slow you down. Start from anywhere, but always do a great job, and you might just get a tip.

3. Do Babysitting

If you’re 11 years old and above, are mature, or you’ve got younger siblings, you can ace this without breaking a sweat.

You only need to understand that being there and constantly checking on a baby or younger kid isn’t enough. They need your undivided attention even though they may not say it.

Additionally, you need to earn the trust of the parents of the kid you hope to babysit. Before landing a gig, try interacting with the kid in front of them. Don’t put up a show, however, because there are high chances that they might have a CCTV camera in their home.

There’s more to babysitting than you can imagine. Here are some tips to guide you on the right path if you’re into it:

  • Know what discipline technique the parents or guardians use on their little one. Not everyone spanks or gives their kids a time out when they misbehave.
  • Know the person you wish to babysit for. If they are your neighbor or close friend, it’s okay, but if it’s someone you’ve just met, you need to know them better first. Organize a meeting with them first and bring an adult you trust along.
  • Always be in communication with your family and that of the kid.
  • Ask for emergency contacts from the kid’s parents if they won’t be around for a long while.
  • Be punctual. Even if you’re watching your buddy’s kid, you need to draw the line between professionalism and friendship. The two rarely mix.
  • Know what foods the kid eats and those they don’t. If possible, the parent or guardian should cook the food.

4. Sell Bottled Water

Instead of buying bottled water and selling it, go the extra mile if you want to make a profit. Every cent counts.

Buy water bottles for a penny or so at your local store (don’t worry about labeling them) and fill them with purified water.

Bottled water generally sells for a dollar a bottle. If you’d like to earn more within a short time, consider selling many of them.

As long as you find a place where lots of people hang out, such as at an outdoor event like a ballgame, and the area you’re living in permits selling bottled water publicly, you’re in for hefty earnings.

There are lots of reasons why you should start selling bottled water as a side hustle and here are some of them:

More People are Choosing the Healthy Option

Before, sodas and other unhealthy beverages were popular among so many people. Today, many people realize the importance of water and have made it their top drink.

Sachet Water is Slowly Going Off the Market

Many countries prefer sachet water because it’s more affordable than bottled water. This might be the case, but many governments are considering banning them and there’s a good reason for that. Not only can sachet water create a problem with blocked drains, but they’re an environmental hazard as well.

There’s a High Demand for Water

Unlike other drinks, water is necessary for all living creatures to survive. Because of this, there’s always a market for water no matter where you go.

More People Prefer Bottled Water

Bottled water is a quick way to get a drink on the go. Plus, it’s more convenient, making it a popular choice among many people.

5. Bake and Sell

Is baking your thing? Guess what? You can make some serious cash from it. Most people prefer home-baked treats because they’re easier to get and have controlled amounts of preservatives in them.

Baking is a fun way to pass time. Additionally, it’s been proven to relieve stress and help in relaxation.

Most importantly, you get to try out new ingredients and create something delicious from the comfort of your home. To succeed in making cash from it, there are several things you need to do. Some of them include:

  • Think outside the box when it comes to packaging. Throwing your delicious cake or cookie into a wrapping paper may not attract as many customers as you wish. Do some research on great packaging methods and pick one that works for you.
  • Getting involved in your local bakery community. Bake and include your finished products in baking events.
  • Come up with a menu if you intend on selling more than one product. It has to be neat and easy to read for potential customers to decide what they’d like to buy quickly.
  • Advertise your business. You could do this on a social media platform or telling as many people as you can about it.
  • Find out what you’re good at baking and stick to it. Don’t try baking other products while trying to get a footing in your new baking business. Create some time for this at the end of the day when you’re done selling your baked goodies.
  • Strike friendships with as many people as you can. More people are more likely to buy from you this way.

6. Become a Proof Reader

Go online and pick several articles from a blog of your choice. You’ll realize that most of those articles have errors, whether it’s in punctuation, spelling or even poor grammatical use of a particular word.

Of course, not every reader notices these embarrassing mistakes. You need to be good in grammar and have a keen eye.

If you have the above qualities, you’re in luck. There’s a lot of room for you in the proofreading industry.

A great way to land a fast proofreading gig is to contact your favorite blog and ask if they’re hiring a proofreader.

The following are some practical proofreading tips that you can use, whether you’re a beginner or skilled proofreader:

Leave the Document for a While

If you’re proofreading a lengthy document, don’t be in a rush to finish it all at once. Allow yourself some relaxation time at some point and continue reading it later. This way, you can easily identify errors that you didn’t notice before.

Read More than Once

Sure, you’ve got the skill, but don’t get too cocky. Always read the document twice, thrice if you have to, before re-submitting it to the writer.

Read What’s on the Document

The mind always has a way of fixing errors by placing words the way they should be rather than the way they are written. If you’ve got this habit, the simplest way to overcome it is reading what is actually on the document.

Understand Your Grammatical Weakness

After knowing your weak point, fix it. This way, you can find it easier to become a proofreader if you’re new at it.

7. Share Your Skills in Exchange for Cash

What are you good at? Math? Painting? Playing a particular instrument? Whatever it may be, it’s got the potential to earn you some green.

All you have to do is put your skills out there. Before deciding on a price, do some research online or ask around, then weigh your options and settle for a fair price.

Being an instructor may be a profitable venture, but very few people fully benefit from it. To get many students and earn more, here are some things you should do:

  • Believe in yourself and have a positive mindset. Even if your students are older than you, believe that you have something valuable to share with them. That’s why they came to you in the first place.
  • Have a sense of humor. If someone shares a joke that may not go well with you, don’t take it personally. Also, liven up your sessions by adding a joke or two in them.
  • Offer praises only when necessary and don’t overdo them. Otherwise, your students may not want to grasp the concept fully. They’ll be satisfied with the little they learn.
  • Don’t be full of yourself. Just because you’re a pro at that skill doesn’t mean you can be a jerk to your students. Instead of gaining their admiration, you chase them away when you keep rubbing it in that you’re better than them.
  • Lastly, be open to suggestions. You’re the teacher but allow your students to share their ideas on how to do something. You’ll be surprised that their way could be better or easier than yours.

8. Walk Your Neighbors’ Dogs

Dogs need all the exercise they can get if they are to be healthy and effective. Many dog owners know this but they may not have the time to take good old Fido out for a walk.

Whether it’s due to job commitments or the urge to stay home and rest easy, many of them pay interested people big bucks to do this job for them.

Dog walking can be a well-paying job. But, it depends on several factors like your level of experience with dogs, the distance you walk the dog and the dog owner you’re dealing with.

Additionally, it isn’t just about walking side by side with a dog. Do you have the guts to clean its poop when it makes a mess? Heck yeah! That’s part of the job. You should also be able to take charge in case the dog strays or tries breaking free from the leash.

For an easier experience, consider taking a puppy or a dog that’s smaller than you in size. In addition, have a friend accompanying you if you’re not so skilled with canines.

Who said you can’t have fun while working? Try these dog walking tips that will not only guarantee you a fun walk but the dog as well:

  • Let the dog sniff around as you both take a walk. It’s their way of keeping up with the goings on of the neighborhood.
  • Avoid retractable leashes. You can get nasty burns when you grab onto it as the dog moves. You may also injure its neck when you overpower it.
  • Bring lots of water along for the walk. Dogs lose plenty of water through panting, and they’ll need lots of water, especially on hot days.

9. Be a Child Care Helper

The older you are, the easier it is for you to get a job. One of them that you can easily get if you adore kids is a child care helper.

Look around for any child care centers in your neighborhood and apply for a job as a childcare assistant.

As compared to other jobs listed in this article, getting this job isn’t an instant process. Potential employees look at several factors before allowing you to join their team.

Some of these factors are:

Your Level of Education

Most employers give you the job if you have a high school diploma. However, others go the extra mile. They require you to have a degree in early childhood education because it provides hands-on experience in the field.

A Background Check

If the daycare center you applied for a job in is licensed, chances of them performing a background check on you are high.

They do this check to determine if you’ve been involved in serious offenses. Examples are drug, violent or sexual offenses or those that include molesting children.

Depending on the state you’re living in, you may also be required to undergo a fingerprint check through the FBI.

Your Personal Qualities

Caring for children requires you to be patient, flexible, enthusiastic and gentle. These are some of the qualities that potential employers look for in potential employees.

You should also have a strong immune system. There’s no telling what amount of germs you’re exposing yourself to when you’re in a room full of children.

Also, depending on the local laws and the daycare setting, you might need to have certifications such as first aid, CPR certifications, and licenses.

10. Become a Pizza Delivery Guy

Pizza is one of the most favorite snacks that people order. Giving pizza delivery a chance if you’re a teenager is a sure way to make some cash and even better, a tip. However, most pizza huts require you to be 18 years or older before they can hire you.

Some of the requirements you need are training and a driver’s license. If you have some experience in the job, you stand a higher chance of getting the job.

Would you want to do this job? Here are some essential things you should know first:

  • There are specific areas that you can’t deliver pizza due to safety reasons. You may lose some change, the pizza you’re delivering or worse, the car you’re driving.
  • You might have an accident due to bad weather or obstacles on the road during a pizza delivery run.
  • You can’t give a discount on pizzas even if you wanted to. The price is usually printed out on the receipt you bring along with the pizza.
  • If you arrive at a place, ring the doorbell more than once and even phone the one who made the order but they don’t respond; you’re free to leave with the order.

Jobs are Limitless for You

Earning some money isn’t as hard as most people make it seem. As long as you’re a go-getter and aren’t easily discouraged, you can get just about any job you want.

As you get into this critical stage in your life, never compare yourself with others. And even though they’re earning more than you are, everyone starts from somewhere and eventually rises to the top.

Never be scared to try out something new. Granted, there’s always the fear of trying out something new, but don’t let it control you. Your extra cash is just a gig away.

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