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8 Websites To Make Money Selling Gift Cards Online

Gift cards are a simple and convenient gift to give and get. However, you may not always end up using the gift cards you receive. Perhaps the store isn’t close by, or maybe the retailer simply doesn’t suit your taste. It happens every now and then, but don’t tuck the card away and forget about it. You may be surprised to learn that you can turn it into cash instead!

Save Money

50 Cheap Gift Ideas You Can Buy For Under $20

Giving gifts can be quite expensive, especially for those that we care about. Fortunately, Amazon has an affordable range of gifts to suit the season and your wallet. Here are 50 ideas for gifts that’ll cost you less than $20 each.

Psychology of Money

A Hedonist’s Guide to Frugality

You may not consider yourself a hedonist, but you probably enjoy — or would like to enjoy — some of the finer things in life. The problem? You probably think your frugality requires you to forgo most luxuries. Well get that idea out of your head!

Credit Cards

A Primer To Manufactured Spending And Saving Money

My latest credit card offered a $400 bonus if I charged $3,000 on it in the first 90 days. The clock started on approval, a week before I had the card, and charges had to post to the account by the deadline (it can take a few days for purchases to post).