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$69 Flights From Europe to the US Coming Soon With Norwegian Air

There have already been great airline deals from Europe to the US for as little as $99, but Norwegian Air hopes to break this price by making it a daily practice of having the same flight route for as little as $69 by 2017. While this post may be a bit early, it’s always a good idea to keep upcoming deals like this in the back of your head for future flights.

How Does This Compare To Similar Flights?

Norwegian Air is hoping to sell one-way tickets from Europe to the US for as little as $69 by 2017. They plan on doing this by using US airports that have little or no international flight fees as well as airports that don’t have a big international section and would be willing to expand on one, such as New York’s Westchester Airport.

A ticket of this price normally goes for around $300 – $500 depending on what area that you’re flying out of in Europe. Norwegian Air offers the same route for $500 and higher due to busier airports and their extreme fees.

We’ve already seen similar deals in the past, in which WOW Air in Iceland is currently offering fares for $99 between Reykjavik and Baltimore and between Boston and Paris, so we know that it’s definitely a possibility.


Yet Norwegian Air wants to make this a constant practice instead of a one-time thing. Lufthansa Airlines is going to be jumping on the bandwagon and offering much cheaper flights in the same way also by 2017.

How Do I Quickly Find The Best Deals On Flights?

A quick way to find the best deals across multiple airlines and dates is to use Google Flights. This tool allows you to quickly select dates for a specific trip and see dates around that same timeframe with their prices on one page.

We can see from the image above that we’re able to grab a list of flight prices for a New York to Santiago round-trip for as little as $400.

After finding a great deal, we recommend then going to a travel agency such as Expedia to book your flight so that you can get incredible benefits such as rewards points as well as the option of canceling a flight within 24 hours without penalty.

Furthermore, find a cheaper flight within 24 hours and receive full refund plus a free $50 coupon for future flights.

Final Thoughts

Throughout 2016 and leading up to 2017, be on the lookout for upcoming deals from the US to Europe with Norwegian Air. The prices of travel are only going to come down as airlines negotiate prices and planes become more efficient.

Even though it’s quite a ways out, it’s always a good idea to keep such deals on the back of your mind for future flights. It can end up saving you a lot of money. Do you make frequent trips to Europe? Let us know how much they cost you down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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