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Earn $100 Answering Random Trivia Questions With Givling

Want some extra cash just from playing online trivia? A recent startup called Givling pays you to answer random true-or-false questions on a daily basis. The best part is that you could be one of the lucky winners that gets their student debt paid off for doing nothing.

What Is Givling?

Givling can be thought of a gamified crowdfunding website that works to pay off student debt. Each time you answer a trivia question correctly on their page, a small amount goes into a fund. Once the fund is full, three lucky players will become millionaires when each $5 million dollar bundle is reached.

Every time you play a trivia game, Givling will pair you up randomly with two other players. Each time you play, you will individually answer true-or-false questions. For every correct answer you contribute to your team’s total amount of points.

If you happen to be a teammate of the highest-scoring team, once your fund limit is fully reached, your team will be automatically awarded $4 million dollars. It’s all about working with other people in order to make the world a better place.

The main goal of Givling is to tackle a major issue in society, in which it appears that you have to be rich in order to get an education, or else you end up going into massive debt. Those with high student debt can play Givling to get their loans funded, while other played can join to receive cash rewards.

How Do I Sign-Up And Get Started With Givling?

Signing-up & earning cash with Givling can be done in just 5 simple steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new account by clicking this link here. Click on the “Start Now” button and enter in your name along with a few other bits of personal information, or you can use your Facebook to sign-up. Registration is completely free.

2. Start playing. Once you get your account created, go ahead and sign-in to start playing. You can play for free once every 24 hours. You play until you answer 3 questions incorrectly (receive 3 strikes). There’s only 10 seconds to answer each question.

3. Pay To Play. You can also choose the “Pay-to-Play” option that you contribute to a fund that pays off student loan debt. For 50 cents, you join a random team and play once again, just like in step 2. If you don’t want to pay, wait 24 hours before you can play for free again.

4. Get paid. You only get paid if your team has the highest amount of points for that day, so it helps if you happen to be placed on a team that knows a lot of trivia. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to win. I’ve played every day for about 3 months, and I won in total around $100 so far.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

This really depends on how much you decide to play and how much trivia you actually know. The cash that you redeem for your team coming in first entirely depends on the amount of cash that was raised for a fund the previous day. 20% of the amount funded will go toward daily, cash prizes.

So if a total of $10,000 was raised by everyone, $2,000 will be given out to one lucky team. However, expect the total amount funded to be only around $500 – $1,000 for the time being, at least until they get more members. That means you and your team can expect to make a total of $50 – $100 if you win.

Rewards are sent to you via PayPal. If you do decide to pay to play, it’s best to buy a lot of coins at once, since you can usually get a bargain. As for myself, I’d rather just play for free. The games are fun, I learn a lot of cool things, and I have a chance to make some extra cash on the side. Just hope that you get teamed up with someone really smart.

You’re Helping Pay Off Student Debt

In my personal opinion, the cost of education in the United States is almost unbearable, especially for those who don’t qualify for financial aid when their parents won’t help them. This causes many to be in debt of up to $100,000 right after graduation, an unfortunate situation to be in.

While Givling gives 20% of their cash raised in the form of daily prizes, the other 80% goes toward helping students pay off their student loans. Any money that you spend is going to help someone out, so you end up doing a good thing each time you buy coins to play. Just for this, I decided to buy some coins just to help someone out. It always feels good to give back.

Once the fund amount is reached, cash goes out to students who need help paying off their debt. So far one lucky graduate named Kevin Foster had their entire $32,000 student debt paid off from Givling, and he never even played. He just signed-up. If you have student loans to pay off, go ahead and tell Givling about it. Even if you don’t like trivia, you don’t have to pay and can still win.

Final Thoughts

Whether it be to help someone out, win some extra cash, or to pay off your student loans, Givling is a great choice. The most that I’ve gotten out of Givling is the fact that I’m learning a bunch of new things while at the same time helping someone out. Have you played Givling before? Let us know how much you’ve earned in the comments below.

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