Gambling Vs Investing – What’s The Difference And Where Does Cryptocurrency Fit In?


In simple terms, people gamble in the hope of collecting a bigger return, but there’s the possibility of losing money in the process.

Investing, in many ways, could also be a form of gambling, as one could incur losses, however, investing is often more strategic and there are less risks taken along the way.

The argument over whether something should be classed as gambling is age old, with one of the latest subjects for the debate being cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin shot to fame just a few years ago, and the popularity surrounding them has steadily grown ever since.

But as more of us become traders in various cryptos it has led to the question of whether investing in cryptos is just that, or is it simply another form of gambling like anyone enjoying slot games at PartyCasino where winning big is really dependent on luck as well chance.

With cryptocurrencies come risk, that’s without a doubt. While there are many reputable cryptos out there such as Bitcoin, there are thousands of others which are, for the most part, scams.

Therefore, investing in cryptos which aren’t well known, popular and reputable could be a gamble, and many would be quick to suggest investing in these digital currencies is a form of gambling as a result.

There is a case to be argued here that any form of investment does come with an element of risk, so therefore there is gambling involved in the process. However, by investing in and trading in some of the more reputable cryptocurrencies on the market, the risk, or gamble as some would put it, is of course reduced as a result.

Many experts from the world of trading have been quick to suggest that investing in cryptocurrencies is a form of gambling.

While trading in many instances sees assets and the like earn the investor passive income, where cryptos are concerned it’s effectively a waiting game. Investors very much invest into a cryptocurrency, or multiple cryptos, in the hope that their price will climb.

However, this is of course still a form of investment.

A person could invest in property in the hope of the housing market in the area rising, which would result in the value of the properties in their portfolio increasing. There are, of course, risks.

There have been multiple housing market crashes over the years, and they have effectively left property investors in a whole world of trouble.

In conclusion, when you consider that in gambling the odds are very much against the player, it inevitably makes buying into and trading cryptos an investment.

Yes, there are risks, and these risks could be considered greater than the risks involved when investing in something else, but there’s always an element of risk to consider with any form of investing.

There are also ways to reduce the gambling aspect associated with cryptocurrencies too, especially by keeping up with the latest news, events and crypto related developments in order to make informed decisions at all times.

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