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How To Get A Free At-Home Workout With Master Trainers From DailyBurn

It’s not always easy to find the time or motivation to get up and go the gym. Given that we’re Frugal Freaks, it’s even more demotivating to spend money on a monthly membership if we hardly go or hardly want to go.

That’s why the best memberships for frugalites like ourselves are free ones. DailyBurn is an at-home workout program that gives you a wide variety of workouts, and I’m going to show you how to get it for free.

Quick Review – What Is DailyBurn?

DailyBurn is a health and fitness company that has approximately 2.5 million members that provides workouts via television and mobile apps. The program is led by a variety of master trainers and produced by Mason Bendewald, the director of the P90X workout program.

What Is DailyBurn

DailyBurn definitely has the reputation to back it up, but the thing that inspires me most to use it (aside from getting it at no cost) is the variety of workouts. You can sort out workouts by the type of equipment used, intensity level, or muscle category.


With all great workout programs, there’s a cost. DailyBurn currently runs at $12.95/month, which is not a bad deal in comparison to other workout programs.

However, their first month offers a free trial meaning that you could simply sign-up with one email, deactivate your account before the month ends, and then convince your friends or family members to get a free-trial. You can use their account and continuously keep working out. This is one of the few at-home workout programs that offers this promotion.

Note: I am not promoting you to create another email account under your name. This would be completely dishonest and ruin it for everyone else. Please be honest and only do the free-trial a second time if you can use your friends’ or family members’ accounts.

How Do I Sign-Up?

In case you need help signing-up, here are 3 simple steps you can use to get registered.

1. You can join by clicking this link here. With the 30-day trial, registration is completely free.

Free Trial

2. Go through the steps and enter in the information they ask for. Yes, you will be required to enter your credit card information. Keep in mind that it will not be charged unless you go past your 30-day free trial.

Credit Card Information

3. Use the program for up to 30 days and get in great shape without having to pay a dime! Once 30 days is up, go into the account settings and click “Manage Subscription.” From there you’ll be able to cancel.

Manage SubscriptionIf you liked to the program and want to keep using it, go ahead and ask your friend to create a free one with gmail and sign-up for another 30-day free trial. I do not recommend creating another account under your name as this is dishonest.

Tips For Remembering To Cancel Your Subscription

The best way to cancel your subscription is to mark it on your calendar. A great way to do this is have an alert set on your phone and reminding you to cancel for DailyBurn just a few days before your subscription is up.



If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get in shape with high-quality trainers, this is the program for you. Just make sure to cancel your free-trial or it will ruin the purpose of your entire workout!

Let me know what you guys think about the DailyBurn workout program. Any questions or comments please leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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