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Make Money Selling Gift Cards On SaveYa’s New Online Marketplace

Do you have any gift cards that you want to get rid of, or do you want to buy gift cards at a discounted price? SaveYa is a gift card vendor that allows you to do just that, and now they’ve added their own online marketplace.

What Is SaveYa?

As mentioned above, SaveYa is a gift card reseller that mimics other popular gift card resellers such as CardpoolRaise, and GiftMe. People who don’t want their gift cards sell them to these sites at a price that’s lower than their retail value.

While it doesn’t match up to their full amount, it at least gives you a chance to get rid of those unwanted cards and get a bit of cash for them. On the reverse side, you can also buy gift cards at a discounted price. Usually the more popular retailers are a bit more difficult to get a large discount.

Normally when you sell gift cards through one of these venues, it’s at a fixed price, ranging anywhere from 50% – 90% of the actual value. Now you can set your own price and if you’re savvy enough, sell gift cards for a profit using their new marketplace.

It works in very much the same way Ebay does except without the auction. People who are interested in buying your gift cards can buy them immediately if they feel that the price is right.

However, if you’re looking to make a quick sale, you’ll have to give consumers a better price than the gift cards that SaveYa already has for sale.

There are certain gift cards you can’t list for sale on SaveYa:

  • Lowe’s
  • Gas
  • Toys R’ Us
  • More

Not only is the marketplace great for selling cards, but every once in a while you’ll find a really inexpensive card since some people just want to get rid of theirs.

How Can I Sell My Gift Cards On SaveYa?

The selling processes on SaveYa is a bit complicated. Therefore, we’re going to break it down line by line on how you can start making money.

1. Register. You can register for a new SaveYa account by clicking this link here.

2. Search. Search for the merchant to the gift card that you want to sell. You can also sell in bulk if you have a lot of cards to get rid of.

3. Look at stats. You’re going to want to look at the stats to see what your current card is going for. If you sell your gift cards at a price that’s too high, you most likely will have a difficult time selling it unless you have the only card in stock.

4List a price. List the price that you want to sell your gift card at. SaveYa will give you a recommendation that will make you competitive in the market without going too low. Keep in mind that SaveYa takes a commission when selling cards on their marketplace. The percentage depends on the retailer.

5. List it. Enter in your gift card number and pin to list it on their page.

How Can I Make Money?

You can make some cash by reselling gift cards that you buy at a great price. We recommend eBay or the Reddit Gift Card Exchange. Any other gift card resell site will likely have cards priced too high.

Another option is also buying gift cards from your friends or using the GiftMe app. While they’re also considered a gift card reseller, they also list cards that are being sold by other members. Find one that’s cheap enough and you could re-list it for a profit.

Use A Portal

You can also save an additional 1% when you buy a gift card on SaveYa and make an additional 2% when you use a cash back portal called TopCashback. This site will pay you when you use your affiliate links.

Sign-up for an account and search for “SaveYa” on their site. Click on their link to either buy or sell a gift card and you’ll get 1% or 2% respectively. Registration is 100% free.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to pay close attention when listing your card since SaveYa charges an average of a 14% commission when you make a sale. However, this number can vary depending on the merchant. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!


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