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Raise Is Having A Sale Of 5% Off Gift Cards – Every Weekend

I just received an email stating that Raise is holding a weekend sale on a select amount of gift cards at 5% off, but you don’t need to sign-up for their newsletter to find this out. For quite a while they’ve been holding this promotion every weekend. The only thing that changes is what gift cards they offer at 5% off.

What Is Raise?

Raise is a website that purchases unwanted gift cards from others at a discount and then resells them. However, the price they offer to others is still a lot cheaper than their actual retail value.

For example, if you go to their page and type in ‘Home Depot’ in their search bar, you can get a gift card at 6.5% off. This means that any product that you purchase at Home Depot and use the gift card to make your transaction will save you this amount. This is a lot better than simply using a cash back credit card.

How Do I Find Out Which Gift Cards Are On Sale?

Raise has a gift card sale every weekend, and it’s always at 5%. To find out if the gift card you want is on sale, simply type in the code TAKE5 during checkout. If you get 5% off of your purchase, you’ll know that this gift card is part of their promotion.

The gift cards that are under the promotion change each week. In order to specifically find out which gift cards these are, you’ll have to sign-up for their weekly newsletter.

Use A Cash Back Portal To Save More

When you use the TopCashBack Shopping Portal, you can save an additional 2% off of all Raise purchases. These portals are websites that give you cash back for using their affiliate links. All you have to do is make an account and search for ‘Raise’ in the TopCashBack search bar.

After you make the purchase, the 2% of your total purchase will be deposited into your account within 30 days. I have noticed that sometimes TopCashBack will remove Raise as an affiliate, so if you don’t see them the first time be sure to check back again.

Final Thoughts

Each time I go to Raise to purchase a discounted gift card, I’m already in the habit of typing in the promo code TAKE5 just to check and see if my card is eligible for a promotion. It doesn’t hurt, and it saves me an additional 5%. If you have any questions about Raise or anything else, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!


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