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Top 20 MOOC List – Receive a Free University Education Online

With the high cost of university education these days, it’s no wonder why many teenagers can’t afford to go to college. Thankfully to the rise of the internet and some brilliant minds, you can get your own university from home for free. Not only that, but most of them will give you a certificate for completing their courses.

Save Money

Top 10 Ways To Get Free Continuing Education

I never thought I would write computer code. But after two hours of coding lessons I put together a simple program. It wasn’t very useful — in fact, it caused colorful circles to be left behind wherever the mouse pointer moved. But it was a fun first step, and the class cost me nothing.

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OneClass – Sell Your Lecture Notes Online & Earn Cash

School has already started this fall quarter, and most students take al to of notes in order to get a high grade. At the end of the semester, we either keep our notes for future reference or throw them away. Instead, why not sell them for cash? A website called OneClass allows you to upload your notes and sell them to other students for cash.